About Naturally KC

Naturally KC is Kansas City based naturally minded website, blog, local business directory, and community.

Naturally minded means you are conscious of the products you use, the food you put into your body, and the way that you live. Naturally minded can look different to each individual.

You may be the suburban health conscious mother looking for the best place to buy cloth diapers and local produce. You may be an individual living downtown who frequents farm-to-table restaurants and care about driving your car less because you have environmental concerns. You may be a couple looking for holistic health providers and chiropractor services. You may be someone searching for eco-friendly lawn care so you can keep your pets safe and healthy.

No matter how our natural mindset plays out in our lives, we are all making the best decisions for ourselves and our families. We take steps to make sure the those decisions align with our beliefs of a healthier self, healthier future, and healthier planet.


The BLOG is full of information geared toward a more healthy, natural lifestyle. We have some amazing individuals that contribute their words of wisdom and share the knowledge they've gained throughout their years. You can find information on the Kansas City community, local businesses, health and wellness, family, etc. This is an amazing resource and has so much helpful material to help you learn something new and navigate your lifestyle. 

The local business DIRECTORY is a great tool for anyone wanting to support their local community. Find the category you're looking for and a list of naturally minded businesses will be available. Looking for lawn care using non-toxic chemicals? A salon with low chemical processes? A doula for your upcoming birth? Restaurants for the health and environmental conscious? We have all of that.

Maybe what you're looking for has nothing to do with your lifestyle. You can still support businesses who are owned by individuals that share your values. We have photographers, empowerment coaches, designers, and many more people who care about the environment and give back to the community. 

This COMMUNITY is what is really important here. When we support each other, we ourselves are supported. When we lift each other up, there is always a hand to lift us up. As a part of this community, you can learn so much more that you can on your own. With all the resources available here we hope to streamline your research and make it easier for you to make an informed decision on whatever you happen to be dealing with. 

When you are a part of the NaturallyKC community as a business owner, you get access to tools and resources to help you start your business and keep it running smoothly. You have an audience that needs your services and wants to support your endeavors. We want to connect your with the community that is looking for you. 


Please reach out with any questions that you may have - we love talking to the community about our plans and vision.