DayQuil and Elderberry - Finding Balance in Natural Living


Guys. I’m sick. Like super crappy cold sick. Like mouth-breather for a couple days sick. Like the husband is making dinner and taking care of the kids tonight sick. What I thought was just allergies has turned into a full blown cold and I am miserable.

We do all the right things. We eat healthy, lots of fresh, raw vegetables and fruit. We take our probiotics. We make our homemade elderberry juice that we take as a preventative and also a treatment when we do get sick. We wash our hands, but are not germaphobes – we get plenty of exposure and yes, my kids play in the dirt. We work on building healthy immune systems. Sometimes though, it’s just not enough and we come down with something.

It happens.

When we get sick we usually treat at naturally as possible and take care of our symptoms so that our bodies can heal and we can be comfortable. Steam showers and herbal baths are big in our house to help with sinus pressure and drainage. Juicing is big when we aren’t feeling good so we can give our bodies a boost of good stuff to help it fight infection. We get comfy and bed down. Sometimes though, it’s just not enough.

I want to get through my day NOT feeling awful and I want to take the easy way out.

I am loading up with the DayQuil. For so long I let myself be completely miserable when I was sick. I didn’t want to take anything to mask my symptoms so I knew how my cold was progressing. I just didn’t want to put cold medicine in my body and wanted to do only natural things. I have dragged through colds for years miserable.

I’m done worrying about whether or not to take a dose of cold medicine to help me, or an Advil for a headache instead of essential oils, or a Tums instead of.. I don’t even know what, a pinch of baking soda?

So much of this natural life has been spent in worry. Always worrying about the long term effects of what I’m putting in my body and worrying about all the unknown effects of our personal environments.

If research has taught me anything, it’s that stress and worry are just as bad for your body than a dose of cold medicine every once in a while.

Through my own struggles with autoimmune disease I’ve come to be at peace with a balance of natural living and modern medicine. Yes, I still go to all natural remedies and alternative medicine first, BUT when it comes to my quality of life I will choose to use modern medicine in addition to that. Natural is great, and what I believe should be the first choice, but modern medicine can not only help quality of life and make you comfortable in the now, it can be lifesaving and that’s why we have it.

If you are making all your natural living choices from a place of love and confidence, then go on with your bad self! You rock this stuff. Man, I’m not making those decisions from love all the time. I am making some choices out of pure worry, and then, I’m actively worrying about them. That’s doing more damage than the risk I think I’m avoiding.  

It’s all about balance and doing what you’re comfortable with. If you aren’t at peace with choices you’re making and they have you living in fear, maybe it’s time to take a look at why and reevaluate your worry vs risk.

I’m going to keep living natural and taking my elderberry, but I will definitely be throwing some cold medicine in there when needed, because I just need to find balance.

Long story short, if something isn’t working, be open to reevaluating things if it will save your sanity.