Who You Forgot This Year… and how to fix it before the year is up.



Although I hope you didn’t… it’s likely that the person you forgot this year, is you.

I’m going to guess that you did a lot of things for a LOT of people in 2017. Maybe for a partner, kid(s), parents, in-laws, grandparents, extended family, friends, co-workers… I’m sure this list could keep going for awhile.

In 2017, a lot of energy was expended, resources were spent and time was devoted.

And as we gear up for the “holiday season”, those things are about to multiply. More energy, resources and time will be spent in the next six weeks than some of us spend the whole rest of the year. And oftentimes, that means that we continue to push aside the most important person further down the to-do list.


When you’re not proactively taking care of yourself, checking in with your body and what it needs, and acting on what it’s telling you…


You burn out.

You get sick.

You become overwhelmed, stressed and…

You catch my drift.


When life picks up at a seemingly frenzied pace, the things I listed above should not be your normal. When we are consciously aware of our energy and listening to our bodies, we can make adjustments along the way to keep ourselves happy and healthy ALL year long.

Three tips to help put you back at the front of your list:


1.     Start setting boundaries (aka get real comfortable saying no). 

I know it’s hard. But it gets easier, I promise. The holidays can be tough as there are a lot of obligations, but plan ahead. List the essential events coming up for the rest of the year so you keep them in mind. When new invites or fun events come up, don’t be afraid to lovingly say no. Push it out to the new year if possible, or sit this one out. And that’s totally okay. You are not responsible for managing anyone else’s expectations of where you should be present. You are responsible for protecting your own energy and taking care of your body. And if you have kids, you’re also responsible for helping them navigate this as well. So set a good example!


2.     Check in with yourself, daily.

Tired? Take a nap. Yes, go to sleep as soon as possible. No, it doesn’t matter that you have 1,000 things on your to-do list. They will get done – don’t the always? – and they’ll actually get done more quickly if you’re well rested while doing them.

Get comfortable with listening to what your body is asking for. If you’re not used to doing this, then create the space for it: in the shower pay attention and do a quick scan of your body mentally – what is it telling you?; a quick daily meditation; or walk around the block. This is not adding more to your to-do list. This is actually the most important thing to do BEFORE you tackle your to-do list. We are all blessed with an incredible body with it’s own built in guidance system, so take advantage!


3.     Ask for help.

Yes, I know this can raise a lot of guilt – especially for us mamas – but there are no martyrs here. We all have access to some kind of support, somewhere. So get creative. Gym membership with daycare? Start taking advantage and do some holiday shopping online after a quick workout, or skip the workout altogether! Family members that could lend a helping hand? ASK! Don’t have easy access to support in this way? Reach out to other local moms and see if you can create a babysitting swap. Once a week watch each other’s kids so the other mama can catch up on things or take some time to themselves. No one is going to create the space you need, for you. In order for you to stay on top of your obligations while also making sure you’re taken care of, you need to take the lead. Get creative, find a like-minded friend to help you brainstorm!


Getting you back to the top of your list, the forefront of your mind instead of an after-thought is self-care. Start taking small steps towards putting you and your needs first, and you’ll find that your new healthy habits will be soon to follow.

So I want to hear from you. What do you think of my tips above? Or do you have any tips on how you create proactive self-care in your life? Share below!



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