Choose “Whelmed” This Holiday Season


We are right in the midst of the holiday season. There are a million different things pulling at our attention. It's so easy to go into overwhelm mode with the Holiday Parties, kids out of school, presents to buy, pictures to take, cards to send out, etc. It’s really easy to lose sight of why we celebrate in the first place and let ourselves slip to the bottom of the totem pole. What if you looked at the holiday season a little differently this year? What if instead of overwhelmed, you could be “whelmed”?

My definition of whelmed is having the perfect amount of everything going on and moving easily among it all. Isn’t that what we all really want?

I look at Holidays as a way to celebrate and remind ourselves of things that we want to integrate into our whole year, not just a once a year celebration. For example, Thanksgiving is a great reminder to be grateful for what we have and want to create over the next year. It also reminds us that gratitude is a daily practice that will help us be happy and create the life we want. With the giving holidays that are coming it's a great reminder to take care of yourself first and then give to others. It is truly impossible to give to others without first having our own needs met.


Here are three things you can implement right now to balance your time, stay focused and centered, and stay in self-care this holiday season.


1. Plan out your weeks and days leading up to the holidays you celebrate.

Take some quiet time to think about what you want to experience and start planning those activities into your schedule.

Here are a few questions to spark some ideas. How do you want to feel this holiday season? Do you want to go three different places on Christmas day or do you want to stay home with your family and see extended family other times? Do you want to feed the homeless? Do you want to teach service to your family?

After you plan things out, stay unattached to the outcomes. We cause ourselves pain when we attach to things happening exactly as we plan them to. Be open to new and wonderful experiences coming your way.

2. Set healthy boundaries.

YOU get to choose what you do and how you feel. If you have toxic family, you can choose to exclude them from your schedule. If you don’t want to go to a holiday party, don’t go.

Many people wouldn’t even consider putting toxic substances in their bodies but still choose to be around people who have toxic energy. Being around toxic people is just as harmful for you as putting toxic stuff in your bodies. Listening to your intuition will help you recognize the areas you need to set boundaries in your life. How you allow yourself to feel creates your life. Staying in feelings of love will help you create a life you really want to live in.

Basically, stop worrying about what other people want you to do or what they think about you and make choices that are in your highest good. They might be pissed off at you for awhile but they will either get over it and respect your boundaries or choose to stay out of your life. Either way, it's what's best for you.

3. Minimize your stuff and your giving.

Start by cleaning out stuff you don’t need. I highly recommend the book, “The Magic Art of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo. In a nutshell, if an item doesn’t bring you joy, get rid of it. Don’t worry about if you will need it later.

When we hold on to stuff we don’t need it holds us down energetically which holds us back from the life we want to live in. We started doing this several years ago and it has made our holidays much more enjoyable. We have 5 kids and what we do is get each one 4 things: something they need, something to read, something from Santa and something homemade. We haven’t always done the homemade gift but they really love this when we do. It can be simple like a coupon book for extra screen time, a back massage, a date with mom/dad etc. We also do stockings and sometimes new pjs on Christmas Eve.

You can also minimize the stuff that you do. No one is going to die if you don’t make cookies for the neighbors or send out Holiday cards. Focus on what is in YOUR highest good and enjoying your family. If that means you go feed the homeless on Christmas, great. If that means you stay home with your family in your pajamas enjoying each other then that is exactly where you need to be.

Please know you are a valuable human being and you can create the Holidays and life that you want to have. I hope you choose to feel “whelmed” and in self-care this Holiday Season!