Local Wanderlust: KC Sights and Experiences for Out-of-Town Holiday Guests


As homes fill up for the winter season with friends and family from out of town, sometimes it can get a little tight. Free up some space and stretch your legs as you tour all KC has to offer guest during the holidays. Lights, coffee, beer, and shows are all abundant and we’ve hand-picked some of our favorites to share with you, our Naturally KC family!


Sparkle and Shine

Kansas City is known for its impressive light displays every year. There’s even a song about it (Christmas in Kansas City)! Drive around and you’ll stumble upon thousands and thousands of lights strung all across the metro. From the classic spots like the Plaza and Crown Center to sights in the suburbs like Zona Rosa and Deanna Rose, taking guests from out of town to see the lights is a must!


Warm Your Heart (and Cup!)

Make it a whole event and add in local coffee or hot tea from one of our (many) locally-owned coffee shops. The coffee scene in Kansas City is booming and there are options galore for beans roasted and brewed locally. A few favorites are (from North to South) Colony KC, Thou Mayest, Mudpie Vegan Bakery & Coffeehouse, Crow’s Coffee, and Second Best Coffee. No matter where you choose, the coffee here isn’t to be missed.


Off to the Theater

KC was named one of the most cultured cities in the US and with good reason! A quick search will yield you festive plays, musicals, concerts, and ballets that you and yours could snag tickets and see. From the annual performance of The Nutcracker to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, you’ll find entertainment all over the city to treat and delight your out-of-towners.


Get Jazzy

The historic Jazz district is home to “barbecue, baseball, and blues”. Make a day of exploring this rich and vibrant piece of KC history. Start at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum to explore 10,000 square feet of interactive stations that feature the stories of the baseball heroes and the history of the leagues. Right next door is the American Jazz Museum, a lively and fully-immersive experience exploring the history and roots of Jazz in America. Finish off your Jazz District tour with some Kansas City Barbeque from Arthur Bryant’s.


Drink Up

Boulevard Brewing Company is a KC staple and with their newly expanded facility, touring the brewery and sampling their offerings is even more fun. While the outdoor seating is closed during the colder months, the indoor seating provides ambiance and warmth. Try a seasonal like Nutcracker Ale or a classic like Boulevard Wheat. Sometimes you’ll even catch a test keg being tapped in the taproom that hasn’t been released!


A Timeless Classic

Union Station is simply a must around the Christmas season. Grab Sunday Brunch at Harvey’s at Union Station, wander around, and take the kids to the train museum. The magic of the season comes to life in the beautiful, expansive building. You can even grab some last-minute gifts in the gift shop. No matter what, make sure this one is on your list for sure.


Enjoying time with family is what’s magical about this season but nobody wants to be cooped up in a house forever. Getting out and seeing the gorgeous sights and sounds of our city is a fun (and most times free) way to connect with your house guests and show them exactly what makes KC magical.