Get the kids outdoors this summer


It’s a scorcher out there!


Here in the Midwest, we’re not strangers to the heat of the middle of the summer. As the temperatures blaze on, our littles (and ourselves, if we’re being honest) often go a little stir-crazy. Getting outside is one of the best ways to beat cabin fever but what to do when you’ve visited the park a million times?



With a nationwide network of classes, Tinkergarten is known as a movement of play. The foundations of the organization promote outdoor play for children as learning. They know that play is serious work for little ones and cater to the intellectual, social, and motor development with classes for children of all ages, beginning at 18 months and going all the way through 8 years.

Chapters are currently in Merriam, Olathe, and Shawnee, with a Kansas City chapter coming soon! Learn more on Tinkergarten's Website.


Local Facebook Group Meet-ups

Facebook can be a source for exhausting conversations, memes, and your aunt typing Google searches into her status. Luckily for parents, it can also be a great connection spot of meet-ups with other parents. Getting outside is much easier when you have a group of people with you. Here in KC we have groups like Hike it Baby, Wild + Free KC, and Take it Outside KC. These groups list and host events frequently that involve getting outside and active. Check out Kind of Crunchy - KC to find other parents in your area.


Splash Pads

From the Northland to Grandview, Lee’s Summit all the way to Johnson County, Splash Pads or “Spraygrounds” are a great way to beat the heat while still getting outside in the sunshine. Grab your swimsuits, swim shoes, and a bottle of water and head over to the closest one. Keep in mind, kids are going to run despite our best efforts and sometimes the grounds are slick so shoes are going to be the best idea! These parks are free to the public and an absolute blast, complete with bathrooms and areas for parents to sit.


It may be hot but never fear! There are some excellent ways to get yourself and your little humans out in the fresh air. With a little creativity and some of the great resources above, you’ll be sure to find a way to get active and interact with nature.