DIY Charcoal Clay DETOX Face Mask


It seems like activated charcoal is everywhere right now (and for good reason). From DIYs, to skin products, to tooth paste, to juices, people are adding this to everything and seeing some great benefits from it. 

Activated charcoal is coal that's put through a process to enlarge its surface area. Until recently, most people only knew activated charcoal for its ability to help with accidental poisoning or drug overdoes. It's such a porous substance that toxins and drugs bind to it like a magnet, so it's ingested to soak up the drugs/toxins so they aren't absorbed into your system. Pretty cool, huh?

Awesome for us, people are finding many more uses for this fine black powder. Since it has such strong drawing abilities and is a natural product, it's a perfect material to use in your skincare routine without adding harsh chemicals that can potentially cause a reaction or are from undesired sources. 

I combine activated charcoal with bentonite clay (another top notch natural ingredient that draws toxins and heals the skin) and ground oats for my DIY detox charcoal and clay face mask. I include the oats with these because they are so incredibly soothing for your skin. While the charcoal and clay suck everything out of your pores the oats are there to soothe and calm your skin through the process.

I find that my skin is literally as smooth as a baby's bottom after this. You think I'm joking? I'm not. Just try it. 



1 Tbsp Activated Charcoal
1 Tbsp Bentonite Clay
1 tsp finely ground Oats

Add in a little warm water and apply all over your face (you can use a brush or you finger tips). You want it to be yogurt consistency, not runny, not clumpy.

Let the mask sit until it's dry. This is usually about 15 minutes.
Wet your face with warm water. Get a wet cloth (I use a micorfiber) and start gently scrubbing it off. Rinse when you're done.

Follow up with a toner to close your pores back up, moisturize if needed, then you are good to go!

Pro Tips:
- Try mixing this with things other than water. People have seen great results using milk or plain greek yogurt. Both of these contain lactic acid (smoothes, reduces wrinkles, boosts collagen) and adds another level of benefits for you skin. 
- Apply the mask after steaming your face or straight out of the shower. Your pores will be wide open and the mask will be much more effective. 

As with any product you're going to be using on your skin, you will want to do a test patch to make sure you won't have a reaction. Some redness is expected with clay and charcoal products because it such a powerful drawing tool. Some people get zero redness, others (ME) look like a tomato with the mask is off. I use my charcoal mask at night to give my skin time to calm down before I have to go anywhere. Also, try to avoid metal tools when mixing, this can diminish the effectiveness by changing the charge of the charcoal and clay.

You can usually find activated charcoal and bentonite clay in stores like Natural Grocers or a local health food store. I've found I can get them cheaper through amazon and they have larger size options because I go through both of these ingredients so fast.


Don't want to make your own? Buy local.

That's cool. You can still try this out. One's Wares is a local Kansas City company and sells a charcoal clay detox mask on their site. There are some extra yummy ingredients in their mask to add even more benefit. 


Try this out and let me know how it goes!