Dr. Kirk Johnson


Dr. Kirk Johnson graduated from Kansas State University with a BS in Kinesiology where he also earned Big XII commissioner’s honor role status for student athletes. He then attended Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri where he graduated in 2005.  He continued his study in natural and alternative care attaining his certification in Applied Kinesiology. He is a Fellow in the Acupuncture Society of America where he completed his acupuncture certification.  Dr. Johnson has further studied topics in Nutrition, Soft Tissue Manipulation, Graston technique, and Functional blood chemistry.

Dr. Johnson was hired as the personal chiropractor for a top 20 professional Tennis player in 2016 and travelled to tour venues all over the world.  He provided sports chiropractic, nutrition, hydration planning and all care associated with the tour grind.

Dr. Johnson and his family love to spend time outdoors, especially at the lake and on the slopes. He and his family maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. 

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