In-home Placenta Encapsulation: The New Standard


Placenta encapsulation has been a long standing staple to a natural postpartum experience for hundreds of years, some dating it back to ancient china and Traditional Chinese Medicine. TCM also includes acupuncture, qi and yin and yang energies. Thousands upon thousands of women have benefited from placenta encapsulation and the pros of the practice including increased milk supply, restoration of energy after birth and lessened mood swings after baby. 

Placenta encapsulation isn't for everyone but for those who do want to explore this option, here’s something that you need to know. 

You’re placenta should never leave your sight, or the sight of someone you trust.

Your placenta should be processed in your home using the tools and expertise of a professional, trained and certified or pre certified encapsulator. Your encapsulator should be trained and certified in blood borne pathogen safety and should be able to explain in full detail why they process the way they do and how it will keep you and your baby safe. 

In home encapsulation may sound super scary to you but trust me, its WAY less scary than having someone take your placenta to their home. 

In your home, you can watch the process (if you want) and see the safety protocols that are taken with your placenta, a human organ that you will be ingesting. This isn't a pan of brownies or warm cookies! Gloves, hair coverings, face mask, and more need to be worn to protect not only you but also the encapsulator. Placenta’s hold strong hormones that can effect the processor so taking these protocols is crucial. You’ll watch the sanitation process of your kitchen to make sure that every inch of your kitchen is sanitized and covered for optimal safety. You can see how the encapsulator cares for their equipment, and what type of products they use to ensure that every client has clean and sanitary equipment being used on their placenta (bleach!!).

A certified in home encapsulators goal is to keep our clients heathy! We don’t want you to wonder even for a second about the efficacy of our business or your health and safety!

Here’s another thing about placenta encapsulation. There are weeks when 2-5 clients give birth at the same time. If the placenta hasn't stayed with you for the entire process and isn't safely nestled in your fridge (protected from outside elements by a double bag and cooler) How can you be sure that the pills you are receiving back are even your placenta pills? Are you sure, without a doubt that your encapsulator was able to keep the placentas separated during the process? Reliving horror stories from this profession is not the reason for this blog but it’s something that every single person using this service needs to think about. If you are not 100% certain, you are not certain enough. Placenta ingestion of the wrong placenta is NOT something that anyone wants to deal with

In-client home is the best and safest way to process placentas so that our clients can benefit 100% from the experience. Theres no question’s, no doubts and no worry about the safety in which the placenta was processed. Plus you often receive breastfeeding help, baby help or a quick check in after baby. We want you to be safe in your endeavors for a peaceful postpartum period. Ask questions, inquire about the process and demand in-home placenta encapsulation in Kansas City without exception.

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