What's going on your baby's butt??


Alright y'all! 

Anyone who knows anything about me, knows I love cloth diapers! I love the patterns, I follow all of the big name companies, I love baby leggings, I just love all of it! 

My journey with cloth started with my boss actually. I had never heard of doing this. I immediately did a lot of research when I got home. I looked up the best brands, I looked up different kinds, and of course the cost. I didn't bring my son's father in on it, I just did it on my own. Luckily, when I learned about it was Earth day weekend and I got a huge bundle for a decent price. I got everything at the https://thegreennursery.com/. If you want to buy a bundle of cloth diapers this is a great website to do it. They are always having bulk deals and any little bit helps. I ended up buying 25 bumgenius AIO (all in ones). With a wet bag and that ended up being $250. Honestly that is all you need. I have since grown my stash, but everything else is excess. This is my favorite brand. I have all kinds, but I always reach for these first. They're easy. I don't have to add inserts. It is so much like a disposable diaper. I put it on and snap it shut (like I would with the velcro of a disposable). It was so easy in fact that my son's father bought his own stash after we broke up. 

So here's the background of cloth in general.

There are different types. AIO(all in one) AI2 (all in two), pockets, covers, fitteds, wool. Stick with me I know this is a lot of info.  AIO/AI2 come with inserts that can either be attached or are sewn in. Pockets are covers with a pocket in it. You put them inside of a hole in the diaper. These three types are only single use. Covers, you lay the insert inside the cover. This cover can be reused until it gets soiled. Fitted diapers are kind of like the insert just in the shape of a diaper and they are best paired with a cover. The last option is wool. You don't wash them every day. They are  absorbent and a great choice for overnight options. 

Why cloth??

You might have seen this graphic floating around facebook. Both of these costs are most likely way off. I just spoke earlier here that I got 25 cloth diapers and a large wet bag for $250. However, this does not include the cost of laundry. Something i've heard a lot with cloth is that you'll use way more water and electricity washing/drying your cloth. Well here is a hard truth, chances are when your baby is in diapers you will skip at least one shower a week and you will break even on your water. I haven't even seen an increase in my electric bill and maybe a $10 difference in my water bill. If that is stopping you from doing cloth do not let it. Trust me, you won't even notice a difference.  Look at the amount of trash that is coming from disposable diapers. Not only that, but did you know technically fecal matter isn't supposed to go in your trash can? This means that all those disposable diapers you should be plopping that poop into the toilet. You keep cloth diapers in a wetbag which means i'm not taking out my trash every single day and that my kitchen doesn't stink! 

The laundry.

That is the biggest deterrent to cloth because no getting around it that there is a lot of laundry involved. I wash every 3 days. I'll be honest, half the time my diapers stay in the dryer until i'm washing the next group of diapers. This will be the case of most cloth diaper moms. It is hard to find time to do all of this laundry and then to put it away. My goodness it's impossible. 

How clean are my diapers getting? This is another big complaint I hear is that diapers are not actually clean. If you are wanting to go into cloth you have to join Fluff love & CD science. It is AMAZING! Seriously, a game changer. I do not think I would be as far as I am if I didn't join this group on facebook. I also joined their sister pages cloth pad love and Fluff love photostream. I wash my diapers twice and then I dry them once. Feel free to email me and ask questions about my routine.

Something I did not realize about being a cloth diaper mom is that you're part of a community.

I am on the Nicki's diaper facebook group and it is such an amazing group of women. #ilovenickisdiapers We don't just talk about cloth diapers. You talk about your life and what is happening with your kids or with your partners. There are no words for the community that you feel when you join this facebook group. 

Here is the latest Nicki diaper that I got from my Earth Day sale. Yes, I kept myself in check with my purchases. Go to Nickisdiapers.com if you want to see some beautiful diapers. A few other great sites are Happybeehinds.com and www.thefluffypenguincompany.com  All three of these sites are where you will get more of the stylish and cute prints. 

If you're looking into trying cloth diapers I would definitely say just go for it. It's not as scary as you're thinking it is. It's not as gross as you think it is. You never run out of diapers. 

*please email me with any ideas you have or things you'd like to see someone else try*



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