What does naturally minded mean?

Naturally minded means you are conscious of the products you use, the food you put into your body, and the way that you live. Naturally minded can look different to each individual. A naturally minded person may be the health conscious mother looking for the best place to buy cloth diapers and local produce. It may be an individual living downtown who frequents farm-to-table restaurants and cares about driving their car less or a couple looking for holistic health providers and chiropractic services. We are all making the best decisions for ourselves and our families and aligning those decisions with our beliefs.


What other resources are available?

Check out the NaturallyKC Facebook page for more info! If you are a parent, there are lots of groups on Facebook to go to for support. Check out Kind of Crunchy - Kansas City Parents for an awesome group of naturally minded parents to lean on.



How do I become a business member?

Send a message through the contact form and let's chat. We love supporting business that live our values. When we support naturally minded business they are able to make a greater impact on the community and have a greater audience to spread their message.  

What are Naturally KC's values?

We value conscious decision making, transparency, and empowerment.

Live in a way that makes the least negative impact on the environment, feed your body with the best foods you have access to, lift up yourselves and others with words and actions, and supporting the individuals, communities, and businesses that share these values. Will this look the same for everyone? Nope. The way these values are expresses is not as important as holding the value itself.