Non-profit and volunteer opportunities

Below you will find a list of local naturally minded Non-profits and volunteer opportunities in the Kansas City area. Help support these programs so they can keep doing amazing things in the local communities, helping to combat food deserts, waste, illness, and so much more. 


Bridging the gap

Bridging The Gap (BTG) works to make the Kansas City region sustainable by “connecting environment, economy and community,” and is the premier organization in the area providing environmental education and volunteer action through more than 1,500 volunteers annually.


1427 W 9th St, Ste 201
Kansas City, Missouri


Cultivate KC

Cultivate Kansas City is a locally-grown non-profit working to grow food, farms and communities for a healthy local food system. Our work is to help Kansas City grow - literally, to grow fruits, vegetables, and good food and, metaphorically, to help our city grow through helping farmers and neighborhoods reclaim empty lots for production, through helping communities build capacity for growing good food, for addressing their food needs, and for creating the conditions for better health.


Kansas City


Doulas of greater kansas city

Our mission is to make a positive difference for pregnant women, new mothers and their families through education, nurturing and advocacy, while fostering respect, knowledge and integrity among doulas everywhere.


3647 Troost Ave
Kansas City, MO 64109


Kansas City Food Circle

Connecting Kansas City with local+organic and local+free-range farmers in the Greater Kansas City Area for more than 20 years.


Kansas City


Nile Valley Aquaponics

Nile Valley Aquaponics is designed to address the food desert in Kansas City, Mo by producing Fish and Vegetables in a controlled sustainable environment.


2904 Wabash
Kansas City, MO 64109


Scraps KC

A creative reuse center where creativity, ingenuity, education and environment come together in Kansas City! Reducing the cycle of poverty through creative reuse, redistribution and renewal. Positively impacting the environment, inspiring creativity in art and education, and providing hope for the homeless.

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1324 W. 12th St.
Kansas City, MO 64101



At Uzazi Village our goal is to decrease black infant mortality and racially-based perinatal health inequities through the promotion of: physiological birth, breastfeeding, perinatal doulas, and lactation consultants.


3647 Troost Ave
Kansas City, MO 64109